Exclusion Criteria:
-LAA width> 4 cm
-Superiorly oriented LAA with LAA apex directed behind the pulmonary trunk
-Bilobed-multilobed LAA in which lobes are oriented in different planes exceeding 4 cm
-Posteriorly rotated heart
-Prior CT surgery
-Pectus excavatum


Exclusion criteria:

-Shallow LAA (LAA ostium > 31 mm or length < 17 mm)

-Epicardial LAAE (Atricure or LARIAT) decreases SBP - JACC sep 18, 2018- vol 72 nb 12 - 1346 - Lakireddy
-Epicardial LAAE (Atricure or LARIAT) decreases AF burden: JACC 2015;1:153-60 - Lakireddy