-Edema in Ao-fem bypass: cause veins cant keep up
-Causes of increased LVEDP = MR or sick LV
-Pulsus Paradoxus: inflate 20 mm above korsakoff to hear sounds on and off with respiration or
by radial pulse
-CT for renal artery stenting: creat >2.3 or kidney pole<7cm

Mark Twain: the coldest winter in my life was a summer in San Francisco

-A difference of > 20 mmHg between left arm and right arm is indicative of
. However SCV stenosis is not enough for symptoms, you have to have vertebral or
contralateral SCV
-SCV murmur: both sides of manubrium. L>R (innominate)
-HCM should have a postitional component of symptoms because of venous return
-ASD bubble study: negative contrast
-proBNP: age         <50 = 450
              50-75 = 900
              >75 = 1350