4024 -  Passive tined 5.7 Fr
GDT 4024 - 6.9 Fr polyurethane subject to degradation and insulation breaches ->
decreased impedances
Also 4524, 4004

Endotak = sprint quattro except endotak has true unipolar

-4087 FLEXTEND, GDT - RA implanted Jun 2003     Active fixation,
Silicone, 7.2 Fr - coaxial
-0157 GDT RELIANCE  - RV implanted Jun 2003     Active fixation,
Silicone,8 Fr,  Dual Coil -
-1156t SJM QUICKFLEX - LV implanted Nov 2010    Recalled for externalized
conductors, silicone


-Green: go in RV with straight green (without a white tip), then pull it out and make a
small bend on it to go up the RVOT. Then pull it out and drop it with a straight green
stylet to the RV apex
-Red: never use (very rigid)
-Yellow: medium rigid, almost never use
-Light Green: very soft, elderly thin lady

-Black has the biggest curve
-Green with white tip => first introduce RV stylet (dark green no white tip), leave lead
in IVC. Take green stylet out and put dark green with a J bend in it (with white tip).
Clockwise to make it sit in RAA. You need to see jiggly motion.
-Orange: has a small curve

Fineline - Coradial
PPM: 46, 52, 58 tendrils 6 Fr
1056 - Quicksite coaxial, K unipolar, T bipolar - 5.6 Fr.
Fineline - Coradial
1226T SJ Passive plus 60 cm implanted 1991 connected to pace sense port of
1248 passive coaxial
1292 *SJM Steerable Stylet - *called the SJ Locator 0.16. Comes in 2 lengths 42 and
52 cm
1258 - Quickflex
1342-1346 Passive Plus SJM leads
1388T DX- 1997, 8 F, active fixation, steroid tip, Silicone coating with Fast path,
coaxial. Up to 2003. Polyurethane 7.5 Fr lead
1488 - 2000, 7 F, active fixation, steroid tip, silicone coating with fastpath, coaxial
1580, 1581 Riata 65 cm implanted 2003. No back coating, non back filled up to
2009-2010. Coaxial 6 Fr lead silicone. Difference between 1580 and 1581 is 17 cm
vs. 22 cm between both coils
1688T SDX - 2003, 7 F, silicone coating
1788 - optim, active helix fixation, 6 F, connector IS-1 bipolar, silicone with fastpath
1888ST - 2006, Optim insulation
2088TC - 2009, Tendril STS, soft silicone tip and optim insulation
Tendril MRI LPA - 2011, Optim
1882 - Pacesetter, optim coated, active helix fixation, 7 F, connector IS-1 bipolar,
Optim with fastpath coating, Preformed J
7 series Optim back filling


4074 Polyurethane passive lead
4076 polyethylene
5076 silicone
CS LEADS *(all 88 cm and all subselection sheath usable)
4194 - only for big fat veins. Proximal coil. 6 Fr 77 cm
4296 - 5.3 Fr.skinny.
4196 - 4 Fr. 88 cm. Proximal ring tracks better and better thresholds has
Select II is a 6 Fr
5068 are old MDT PM leads with high impedances (700-1000)
Sprint Quattro: Sealing ring is not in the lead but in the header so with every change
out you get a new sealing which could create a problem on the long run
4024 are old silicone coated leads and they started their degradation process
manifest by low impedances. If the patient is pacer dependent could switch the
polarity on this lead to unipolar in order to obtain better capture.

MDT PPM Leads 45, 52, 58
MDT ICD Leads DF1 58, 65 - DF4 55, 62
Tined MDT leads V
4074 - A 4574
Adapta 7-10 years
Adapta L 9-12 years (same can as enrhythm) a bit bigger than Adapta makes a
difference in little old ladies

Always white J stylet with RA lead in MDT

5071 RV unipolar epicardial
4968 RA bipolar epicardial
4996 SQ array
5076 capsurefix novus 6 Fr rec laser 12
5024 8.5 Fr rec laser 14

Always use the white RA J styler for implant in the RAA first

PPM Leads 45, 53, 60
ICD Leads 60, 65

MONDS Stylet
after positioning on RVOT pull back to septum then push in a little bit the lead no
torque necessary (torque non monds stylet to position on septum)

0154 - Endotak old generation. 7 Fr. Silicone. Non isometric. Has a tendency to
break between the coils during extraction. Use a 14 Fr laser. Can upsize to 16 Fr.
Compression coils and silk half hitches for better insulation support. Insulation can
snow plow (upsize).
0184 - Endotak Reliance
4285 - GDT lead. Tined, Selute, bipolar
Coaxial better than Coradial for extraction

CORADIAL (coil & sensing wrapped in 1) uncoils
and breaks and stretches more than COAXIAL (2
coils wrapped separate)