The EFFORTLESS Registry, a non-randomized multi-center study designed to track S-ICD System outcomes and effectiveness, recently published
new interim findings on 472 international patients — the largest patient cohort, tracked for the longest time, that has been studied to date.
Patients were 94% Complication-Free 360 Days After Implant
You want to minimize complications for your patients. The EFFORTLESS Registry showed that during the peri-operative period (30 days post implant),
97% of the patients were complication-free. At 360 days post implant, 94% of patients were complication-free.

100% Conversion Efficacy of Discrete VT/VF Episodes
The EFFORTLESS Registry interim data showed that an impressive 100% of patients with discrete VT/VF episodes were converted by the S-ICD

S-ICD System Patients Experience Inappropriate Therapy Rates Comparable to TV-ICDs
Patients tracked in the EFFORTLESS Registry reported a 6.4% inappropriate therapy rate with the use of dual-zone programming. This is comparable
to TV-ICD inappropriate shock rates, which range from 4-18%.1