ASCOT - Anglo Scandinavian Cardiac Outcomes Trial. 1753 UK. Case control study of adverse events in patients with HTN further
randomized to atorvastatin. Results: IGG anti-MDL-LDL had a strong correlation with total serum IGM
CHANCE - Clopidogrel ni high risk patients with Acute Non disabling Cerebrovascular Events. to determine if genetic variants played a
role in clopidogrel effectiveness after minor stroke or TIA. Clopidogrel plus ASA reduced risk of new stroke at 90 days compared with
ASA alone in noncarriers of CYP2C19 loss if function carrier genotypes, but not in carriers of the loss of function alleles (rate among non
carriers 6.7% with clopidogrel-ASA vs 12.4% with ASA.
LEADER - Liraglutide effect and action in Diabetes - Evaluation of CV outcome results.
CORONARY - NEJM 2016 no difference in outcome between on and off pump CABG
EXCEL - NEJM 2016 Xience vs CABG for LM disease no difference in outcome MACE occurred in 15.4% PCI and 14.7% CABG
EUCLID - NEJM 2016 brilinta vs plavix in PAD. No difference in limb ischemia or bleeding but those on ticagrelor had lower risk of
ischemic stroke
STRUCTURE - JACC 2016 spironolactone in HF-pEF patients increased exercise capacity reduced E/e' on VO2
GLAGOV - JAMA 2016 evolocumab repatha (PCSK9 antibody) declined atheroma volume (IVUS) by 0.95% while it increased by 0.05% in
PRECISION -  NEJM 2016 GIB occurred less often with celecoxib vs ibuprofen or naproxen and CV death occurred less 2.3% vs 2.5 vs
BIO-RESORT (TWENTE III) - Lancet 2016 comparison of biodegradable polymer everolimus EES (Synergy) vs biodegradable polymer
sirolimus SES (Orsiro) vs resolute integrity durable zotarolimus ZES. target vx MI or revascularization at 1 year was 4.7% EES SES vs 5.4
TRUE-AHF  AHA sessions 2016 ularitide in CHF at 48 hours reduced BP, NTproBNP. At 15 months no difference in CV mortality
PIONEER AF-PCI NEJM 2016 lower bleeding on Xarelto in patients needing PCI vs warfarin (Xarelto 15 or 2.5 BID same CV outcomes)