Based on ASNC Imaging Guidelines
                         .High risk factors (DM, PAD, CVA...)
2-Risk stratification of post-MI patients
Prior to DC = Submaximal test at 4-6 days
              Early           = symptom-limited at 14-21 days
              Late            = symptom limited at 3-6 weeks
3-Risk stratification of chronic stable CAD into low risk category (managed medically) or high risk category
4-Risk stratification of low risk ACS 6-12 hours after presentation without active ischemia or heart failure
5-Risk stratification of intermediate risk ACS 1-3 days after presentation
6-Risk stratification before noncardiac surgery in patients with known CAD or those with high risk
factors for CAD
7-To evaluate the efficacy of therapeutic interventions
(anti-ischemic drug therapy or coronary
revascularization) and in
tracking subsequent risk based on serial changes in myocardial perfusion in known
CAD patients
Max pred HR = [220-age] (x 0.85 for women)
S 88%        s 65%
4-images only:        Stress on top, rest on bottom
5-Images+scores:  anything > 4 in the score indicates significant involvement of the myocardium (>10%)
                 0 normal, 1 equivocal, 2 abnormal, 3 severe, 4 absent
6-Polarmaps:           Look at curves between control and study
7-3D+Images:          Change to gated stress, look at curves again
8-3D Melons: